LIM Tech as a provider of LED technology solutions through the provisions of customized products including sales and commercial projects of LED lighting, sales and commercial projects of LED display and digital out-of-home advertising solutions (including LED display rental solutions) in the own brand names and logos.

In 2020, Life In Motion, was born during Covid-19, when hygiene and health are everyone's and every nation's top priorities. Our vision is to combine cutting edge technology with modern design to help people stay clean and healthy in a simple way.

From home to office, we are your perfect partner. STAY CLEAN AND HEALTHY, EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE.
Our Creative Process:
It's All About Understanding

LIM leverage science to produce unparalleled spectrum and quality, bringing nature’s light indoors to make illumination something to see and experience.

We began our heritage for high quality LED light with a line of lamps in 2011 to establish our reputation for full spectrum light. Our expanded product offerings bring superior light to all spaces.
Customized LED Lighting Solution
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Customized LED Display Solution
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Digital Out-of-home Advertising
Visual Experience
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LED Healthcare Solution
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